Autoptic Minneapolis

I was at the Oily Comics/CCS table. The festival was professionally organized and well-run, with excellent programming and international involvement via the Pierre Feuille Ciseaux residency, and the Aria building was a beautiful space. Diverse work throughout, I always end up missing a lot of good stuff at these shows.

Some of the books I purchased/traded for:

1. Sonnenzimmer: How likely is the chance/Synthetic Chance

2. David Libens Comics (David & the Ghost #1-2)

3. PFC Comic, Max de Radigues + PFC participants

4. Amazing Facts, Beyond/Zettwoch/Huizenga/May/Weaver

5. Kevin Czapiewski Comics

6. Sammy the Mouse #2, Zak Sally

7. In Tongues Illustrated, JT Dockery

8. QUIET #2, A.Burkholder

9. Laura Park Uncivilized/Autoptic Mini

10. Simple Routines #18, JP Coovert

11. Saint Cole Part One, Noah van Sciver

Minneapolis is a great town. Lots of old/new/weird design and architecture throughout. All of these overhead passageways. I told Tom Kaczynski that I felt I had a better understanding of his work having spent time here.

It was good seeing everybody, albeit briefly. It was the most fun I’ve had at a show. Thanks to Charles Forsman/Oily Comics, Michelle Ollie/CCS, Barry at Secret Acres, Annie and Ed at Koyama, the Chicago Minivan Crew, Tom Neely, and especially the Autoptic Festival organizers.